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Corporate Events

Corporate event planning can be stressful, from identifying the goals of a conference to marketing the event. Read on to see how we can help share the load to ensure success.

Steps to make your corporate event a success

Identify your goals and audience – once you have identified your target audience and decided whether you are inviting existing or potential clients, your goals will fall into place – do you want to raise your organisation’s profile, generate new business or increase brand awareness? Armed with this information, choosing a time and a venue for the event will fall into place (see below).

Fix a budget – while you may not be the one setting the budget, it does need to be realistic and including a contingency of say 10% is sensible. Once the budget is in place, you can arrange suppliers.

Make a plan - it’s important not to overlook any of the key elements so include venue and venue décor, food and drink plus entertainment, ticketing and marketing. There may be other areas that need to be included in your plan, such as providing accommodation for attendees who are travelling to the event.

Delegate the tasks – whether you are an event planner or the person tasked with organising events in your workplace, allocating jobs to different people will free you up to focus on the bigger picture. If you have access to people with experience in these areas, you will be able to concentrate on your role, knowing the details are being well cared for.

How The ALS Group can help your corporate event

At The ALS Group, we have almost 30 years’ experience in the events and entertainment industry and we offer a one stop shop for event organisers and planners. Working with you to ensure you remain in budget, we can help you in the following areas:

Venue décor from The ALS Group

Starting with a blank canvas can be overwhelming but we have a range of décor packages available for your venue. Alternatively, we can offer basic table and chair hire with additional chair covers where required. To elevate your event to the next level, you can also hire your table linen, from table cloths to table runners and napkins.

Food and drink from The ALS Group

We offer a comprehensive range of catering services for every type of corporate event, from business breakfasts, to evening networking meetings to day long conferences. If you want to offer something other than our corporate buffet menu, consider a hot buffet menu or, for early starts, our breakfast menu is guaranteed to hit the spot! Alternatively, if you want to offer a completely bespoke menu for your guests, we can work with you to create a plan within budget that will cater for all dietary requirements.

Entertainment from The ALS Group

Entertainment for corporate events can take on many forms, from fun horse race nights to quiz nights and casinos. So whatever you fancy, you can be confident that, as the largest supplier of events entertainment in Lincolnshire, The ALS Group will make sure your event guests have the best time.

To let us shoulder some of the elements of your corporate event, call us today to discuss your needs, on 01526 397995 or drop us an email, to see how we can help.

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